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The Electric, Natural Gas & Coal based Utility Industry needs to adopt IoT at the earliest due to the advent of the smart grid and critical operational technologies that enable critical amounts of savings with respect to costs and manpower. The utility IoT is projected to grow to more than 800 million smart meters/sensors installed globally by 2020. This is why Zeuce as an IoT Platform and its Saas Products are placed perfectly to drive that change and help the utility industry optimise processes, improve profitability and drastically make a difference in the overall utilization of resources.


With billions of dollars spent in capital, resources and equipment, and large product volumes being extracted and transported on a regular basis, the energy industry is poised to gain significantly from the widespread deployment of IoT sensors and data analytics. Whether improving asset lifecycle, increasing performance, optimizing costs even by a few percent, energy analytics on IoT data has the potential to unlock billions of dollars in improved operating revenues, reduced costs and better profitability per year.


Consumers expect insurers to provide broader coverage with personalized services that adapt to their usage, behaviors and preferences. Most people are willing to change their insurance providers for more tailored insurance, saying they would trade connected, behavioral data to get more personalization. With CharIoT’s IoT Solutions, this is now possible, practical and scalable. Our Products give insurers a better way to understand risk on an individual basis, allowing for the personalization consumers want.

Public Sector/ Smart cities

By 2050, around 70% of the world population will live in urban areas. With this huge shift in urbanisation and the world has to be ready with the digital technology to meet the challenge of rapid progress exerting significant pressure in infrastructure and public resources like Water & Gas, Electricity, Waste Management, Lighting, Traffic & Parking. This is where the concept of Smart city comes in. As per certain reports, the potential direct economic impact of IoT in cities could approach $1.7 trillion by 2025. Domains such as air and water monitoring, adaptive traffic management, and autonomous vehicles are expected to have the highest potential economic impact. CharIoT’s Smart City solution brings all the below verticals into a single platform and is flexible enough to support multiple applications as a consolidated ecosystem rather than building multiple silos.


The healthcare markets suffer from significant inefficiencies with billions being spent in healthcare each year being wasteful or redundant. With increasing pressure to reduce costs, the healthcare industry needs the wealth of newly available, digitized and standardized data: clinical data, claims & cost data, pharmaceutical data, patient demographics and sensor data from wearable devices and smart phones. By correlating and performing advanced analytics and machine learning on these data, both insurance companies and healthcare providers can reduce the cost of care, improve health outcomes, and promote patient engagement. CharIoT’s IoT Solutions can deliver that agnostic device & sensor independent platform that help combine all the data and to deliver tailored patient care plans and incentives to promote long-term health thus reducing costs across the board.

Manufacturing/ Industrial

“Industrial Internet” has a huge potential for every asset, product, and industrial process. Chariot’s IoT solutions can unlock immense value from real time data intelligence by monitoring and optimizing the state of the manufacturing equipment, processes, supply of inputs, product demand and manpower utilized. Our IoT solution can enable manufacturers to find new potentials from their portfolios of industrial sensors to improve asset lifecycle & utilization, reduce product development costs and time to market, increase systems efficiency and safety, and enhance products and services based on real-world performance.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas operators need to leverage the Internet of Things and CharIoT’s machine-learning-based IOT enabled analytics technologies to predict equipment risk, failure likelihood and maintenance actions – to address inefficiencies and improve operational intelligence during each phase of production & operation. Powered by Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning & AI based advanced analytics monitoring and continuously optimized system performance, the Oil & Gas industry companies will be able to derive significant financial value from improved operational management, predictive equipment repair and maintenance, enhanced demand forecasting and increased customer service.

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