Process and Operation Suite

CharIoT AI and IOT Solutions connects assets to process, system and people

Reduce Downtime and Improve OEE


Increase Quality Control


Improved Inventory Management


Increase Process and Efficiency


Expedite Equipment Repairs


Increase MTTR and Reduce MTBF


This enables better integration, achieving higher level of productivity, and taking manufacturing to next level of transformation – industry 4.0

The fourth wave, Industry 4.0, has begun to emerge. This will be the era of cognitive manufacturing – where IoT sensors, big data, predictive analytics, and robotics will forge the future of manufacturing operations.


Intelligent assets and equipment

CharIoT’s customers transform their business through predictive analytics, deeper understanding of physical operations and data-driven software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

 When referring to an intelligent asset or piece of equipment, by enabling these assets with IoT sensors and cognitive capabilities, they can sense, communicate, and self-diagnose issues in order to optimize performance and reduce downtime. Just like when you may start to feel like something is off with your own body, you have the cognitive abilities to sense it, communicate the problem, and likely even have a fairly good idea of what is wrong before going to the doctor for confirmation. By catching problems early, it avoids disaster down the road.