Asset Intelligent Suite 

Know everything about your critical asset 24*7

Increase Uptime


Reduce Downtime


Decrease MTTR (mean time to repair)


Increase Revenue


Increase OEE


Increase MTBF (mean time between failure)


Get the maximum out of your asset, gain visibility, monitor process, reduce downtime, improve efficiency, increase revenue, take cost optimized maintenance decision.

From years, maintaining asset and gaining visibility of the process has been of paramount importance. Maintaining record on excel to implement SCADA or ERP, the effort has always been to increase automation. Advanced PLC has already equipped manufacturer to monitor their asset and processes systematically. However, in highly competitive manufacturing industry the labor cost is increasing exponentially, and depreciation cost of asset can be felt heavily on balance sheet. This is the reason why companies are embracing Industry 4.0 and a brand-new ecosystem of IoT is pacing up.

CharIoT platforms

  •  Understand the complex conditions that lead to production failure using a visual production line modeler
  • Speed up the most time-consuming part of root cause investigation with an automated list of probable root causes
  • Detect early indications of failure and take corrective actions to reduce unplanned downtime and improve production quality
  • Leverage root cause investigation results in creating prediction alerts that help mitigate quality issues