Our Platform finds art in the science of numbers

Edge Connectivity

CharIoT platform provides a robust framework of acquiring data from multiple device, sensors and legacy system like SCADA, PLC etc. Truly agnostic in nature and ability to synchronize with any number of protocols without any complex customization. CharIoT platform also enables you to integrate data from your existing ERP and MES.

Asset Management

CharIoT platform gives you one click access to all your asset spread across different geographies. From macroscopic view of your entire asset portfolio to the simple heath ratio of individual asset, platform truly enables you to get real time information about your asset. Digital twin features of platform equipped you with ideal state of your asset and process. This gives decision makers freedom to measure any result or changes before implementing it.

Data and Application

CharIoT platform intuitively structures the data in desired form and then performs cutting edge analytics to equipped users with smart business decision power which was not possible before. Platform posses multiple KPIs and metrics catering to different industries, thus maintaining its agnostic nature. The basics of these KPIs are derived from Predictive Analysis, AI and Machine Learning.


CharIoT platform secures connected products, the data collected and the applications that uses the data. Our platform monitors major areas of security, data access, data privacy, and infrastructure.