A Tyre manufacturing Company in India was looking to implement IoT Solution in their manufacturing unit as part of their digital transformation initiative.




This Leading Tyre manufacturing company wanted to digitalize and IoT-enable its plant assets with the objective of bringing visibility and predictability into its manufacturing value chain, improving asset utilization and reduce downtime. They wanted to implement a solution that was adaptable, reliable and scalable across their multiple manufacturing plants.

The immediate problem was material wastage due to no control over statistical variation in the

mixing process environment. The temperature and mixture need to be in strict monitoring in order to achieve the quality standard of each unit.

CharIoT Solution


Visibility – The utmost priority of the CharIoT Solution was to give 360-degree visibility of all the assets and processes of the industry. CharIoT Solution enabled Decision maker with single dashboard where operational data in real-time can be seen in form of graph and integrate IoT data into business applications.

Sensor Installation – CharIoT installed numerous temperature and pressure sensors at critical assets and processes of the plants. The platform collected data from these sensors and presented to decision maker in form of matrices and index, thus improvising the entire process of decision-making.

Condition Based Monitoring – CharIoT implemented its trademark work force management app MITRA that gives notification to the field force only when the action is required. This led to huge cost saving from eliminating redundant periodic inspection. The CharIoT Solution automatically generated the alerts after seeing any anomalies in data derived from predictive or prescriptive analysis.


 Reduce mean time to repair

Eliminate unplanned machine downtimes

Improve Productivity

Decrease the cost of spares and the cost of energy consumed per unit of production.

Real-time internal benchmarking of their critical assets