A leading Packaging Films Manufacturer implemented Data Analytics enabled IoT Solution to improve quality by 12%

Company Profile

One of the top Packaging manufacturers in India specialized in packaging films production implemented CharIoT’s Industrial Solution with our Universal IoT platform and reduced quality degradation significantly.

CharIoT designed specific KPIs and Metrics which allowed this manufacturing

company to monitor all the company asset, analyze the critical parameters and establish a correlation with film production quality

Problem Statement

The Company Operational efficiency depends upon every specific order placed

because parameters of machine needs to be adjusted accordingly. The deviation in

machine parameters led to degradation of quality. This directly effects delivery

time, down time, customer satisfaction and margins


CharIoT team analyzed the historical data and found irregularities in machine’s

parameter setting and its effects on the quality of production.


  • In the manufacturing process, batches of films goes through winder and
    slitter. The solution demanded analyzing the historical data, the
    relationship between parameters of both the machines and their respective
    production output.


  • CharIoT Solution collected the historical data methodically. It equipped
    decision makers with tools to monitor all the asset on single dashboard,
    assuring the statistical control, and found the correlation between the
    process parameters and different types of quality failures. Using correlation
    analysis, CharIoT solution deduces unlimited numbers of critical parameter
    into two important parameters  (pressure and tension). A predictive
    model was developed which by default predicted the ideal set of parameters
    and machine configurations for any new order.

Real-Time asset monitoring

The implemented solution allowed decision maker to monitor critical

parameters in the real time and raise issue in case of any discrepancies.

Prescribe machine configuration

Data Analytics and AI established a correlation between machine parameters and film production quality.The algorithms develop a virtual ideal model (Machine variables like pressure tension etc.) for every new set of orders

Quality Assurance

The solution helped in achieving 12% reduction in quality degradation. It improves down time, delivery by 10% and reduce material wastage