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Asset Intelligent Suite

Traditional way of monitoring asset fails to anticipate and adjust to the ways you operate your business. AI & IoT enabled Asset Intelligence means automated workflows, real-time alerts, insights from data, dynamic edge control of assets, cross-domain analytics and real-time visibility.

Know everything about your critical asset 24*7
Decision intelligence are near future of design making

Data Science and AI Suite

Organizations are struggling to speed up the process of making critical decisions, which is increasing the complexity. CharIoT predictive maintenance kit equips leaders to combine data science capabilities, predictive and prescriptive analytics, to help shape the future of their organizations

Field Force Automation Suite

(Optimize people, Processes, and System across your asset ecosystem) The type of information that is stored in the back office is extremely valuable and having on-demand access to it, is critical to their success. CharIoT CMMS app allows to pull up work orders, warranty, parts inventory, service contract information and customer data via smartphone or tablet that enables them to complete jobs on-time, first-time round, resulting in lower operational costs and higher customer satisfaction

Streamline, Workflows and Drive productivity
Drive decision around improved operation quality & safety

Process and Operation Suite

CharIoT’s AI & IoT Solution connects asset to processes, systems and people. This enables better integration of plant processes, achieving higher levels of productivity, and taking manufacturing to the next level of transformation, Industry 4.0.